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Investment Advisory

We follow a process-centric approach to asset management for institutions. First, we identify investment objectives and measure the ability of the institution to take on risk. Next, we construct an Investment Policy Statement which codifies goals, risk tolerance, time horizon and asset allocation. Finally, assets are deployed in a cost-effective portfolio, diversified across asset classes and geographies. We believe this gives institutions the best prospect to achieve long-term asset appreciation.

Employee Benefits

Investment Advisor to Qualified Plans (e.g. 401(k), 403(b) and 457 plans)

  • Fund Selection – We construct a lineup of low-cost funds, diversified across asset classes and geographies, which we believe gives your employees the best prospect to achieve long-term asset appreciation.
  • Employee Education – Our goals are to maximize participation and satisfaction with the plan. We accomplish this by educating plan participants on the importance of retirement planning and the features offered within the plan. As Financial Planning Practitioners and CFP® Professionals we are uniquely positioned to accomplish this objective.

Group Insurance Benefits

  • In an effort to offer holistic solutions for businesses, we partner with specialists who provide group health, life, and disability plans.


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